Meet the Cake Daddies!

The Cake Daddy’s Story

As a young 18-year old I discovered my love of baking was a way I could help support myself and my mother. By baking and selling cakes I could not only help my family, but also fund my way out of Cuba fund my way to a better life. I left Cuba in 2012 at age 23, I arrived with nothing but a backpack and a wish to grow a life full of love, friendships, and freedom.

In September of 2021, life brought me to Fort Lauderdale where I finally felt at home, met my boyfriend and found an amazing group of supportive friends something that I never thought I would have. After baking a cake for a friend’s birthday and another for my boyfriend s father, I realized that something that had always given me joy was inspiring and exciting others as well.

Seeing friends enjoying my creations and boasting about having one of my cakes was both thrilling and so motivating. Friends, and friends of friends began requesting cakes, and I started selling them and promoting them on social media, using my Instagram specifically for cakes, @cake_daddy

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